Glassfab Tempering Services, inc. provides advanced architectural dual seal Insulating Glass units for commercial architectural applications. Our insulated units are constructed with two or more pieces of glass, separated by a desiccant-filled spacer and sealed with an organic sealant. Insulating Glass increases a window's thermal performance. You can choose from a number of combinations of Insulating Glass using tinted glass, spandrel, silk-screened patterns, Low-E and solar reflective coatings or laminated glass to help you create your unique designs and achieve desired light transmission levels and solar control options.

Glassfab recommends viewing glass samples or full-size mockups to match vision and spandrel glass areas.

Glassfab Tempering Services, inc. also supplies quality glass insulated units for residential applications. Our dual seal insulated units are warranted for ten –years from the original date of manufacture. Five year limited warranty for sloped/ skylite glazing application. Please contact our office for details in regards to warranty, QA and technical support. Glassfab offers a variety of muntin bars and grids.


Insulated Glass is an excellent choice for any application where you want to reduce heat loss, control air conditioning costs, and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Enhance your building appearance without compromising its energy performance by using Glassfab high performance insulated products.

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